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Alphalase Hair Therapy


Alphalase Hair Therapy

Long Island Laser Hair Therapy


The Anagen Laser Hair Therapy Program combines the latest advances in American pharmacology with exciting European soft laser technology. The result is the most dramatic and effective hair loss management program to be developed this century.


The Anagen Laser Hair Therapy program features the new AlphaLase LX40, a Class 3R soft therapeutic laser, the most powerful cosmetic laser, currently on the market. The AlphaLase, with 40 cold laser diodes is a device under which the client sits for 20 minutes enjoying the Alpha experience, clinically designed to deliver the benefits of fuller, thicker and healthier hair. The AlphaLase has audio speakers mounted in the Alpha-sphere, which allow the client or patient to listen to a tutorial on hair loss or enjoy music transmitted from an external audio device, which may include the individual’s personal iPod. Scientist and hair loss professionals agree that it is critical to robust hair growth to first create the healthiest scalp environment in which hair can grow. This is analogous to an agricultural field, which must first be fertilized before the suns energy can stimulate the growth of a bountiful crop. This is the function of the Anagen Therapy line of pharmaceutical grade, sulfate-free hair care products. In addition to the wet-line, the home treatment regimen includes a nutritional supplement with two DHT inhibitors, chlorine-free shower filter, and federally approved topical solution and portable laser hair therapy device; proven to stop the progression of hair loss and stimulate re-growth.



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